Luka G  

In his quest for exciting, daring and lustful forms and colors, Luka Couture seeks his inspiration in the world that surrounds him and even more, in the imaginary. The world's basic elements: playful fire, calming water, ravaging wind, and strong earth provide endless ideas and tools for the designer. Luka Couture Couture combines the finest materials, with beautiful colors and organic shapes, to create designs that flatter every women's body.

For the current collection, Luka looks back to his roots- the Mediterranean, hot summers and merciless winters, deep sea, precious shells, and mysterious creatures of the deep. His creations are a reflection of childhood memories spent in the sea.

Nautilus. Ancient, beautiful, unchanged for millions of years, symbolizes the essence of the new collection. As the nautilus evolves through it's natural life, so do Luka's designs – changing layers and colors.